About Us

About Us

Present Membership Strength:        60

Present Meeting Venue:                   Excellence Hotel & Conference Centre Ogba, Ikeja Lagos

Meeting Time:                                   7.30am Every Friday




Sometime in April, 2003, the possibility of organizing what is known today as Rotary Club of Omole-Golden was considered for the first time by a couple of young professionals who attended the magazine launch of one of the clubs in the youth wing of Rotary at Days Inn & Towers, Omole, in Ikeja area of Lagos State. The success of the occasion was so fascinating that it was deemed necessary to form a new. Vibrant Rotary Club where the zeal and enthusiasm of those who conceived the idea, towards humanitarians service would be fostered.


On Friday 16th May 2003, the very first discussion on the modus operandi was held at the same venue (days inn & towers) by a group of professionals who conceptualized the club, having middle -aged(married) men who would join to establish a club where everything, if possible would be done in accordance with Rotary\'s institutionalized procedure in focus. The requirements of at least one lady as a member of a new club pursuing charter, coupled with the necessity of spicing up membership with the feminine gender also gave rise to the consideration of a limited number of lady members, By the end of May 2003, membership had increased to six (6) and decision had been taken on matters relating to meeting venue, meeting time, club name, philosophy, mission and a few other foundational issues crucial at that time. The Club\'s first fellowship was held in meeting rooml at Excellence Hotel and Conference Centre with six gentlemen in attendance, namely Rotimi Adeleye, Adewunmi Akindeinde, Samuel Ayetutu, Edward Fagboun, Tunji Salau and Boro Oyebola.


In line with Rotary\'s procedure, the attention of then District Governor, Professor Alaba Akinsete was sought and he referred Rotn. Rotimi Adeleye to the district Chairman. Task force on membership, Rotn. Busuyi Onabolu to look into the issue of the sponsoring club. As a result, Rotary club of Opebi was chosen as the sponsoring club and Rotn. Dapo Adiro, a past president of the club was mandated to serve as District Governor\'s Special Representative (DGSR) in charge of the club. At this time, the club\'s membership had risen gradually to eight while meetings were held regularly.


The task of organizing the club was indeed challenging as expected, especially in terms of ensuring that those joining are not only quality people, but with decent intentions since almost every one expect Rotn. Rotimi Adeleye and Samuel Ayetutu had no previous contact with Rotary. The benefit of classification survey as an instrument in building a good membership cannot be over emphasized.


On Friday 12th March 2004, the club\'s first election was held, producingRotn. Adeleye as the charter President, while Rotarians Samuel Ayetutu and Adewunmi Akindeinde emerged as vice president elect respectively. Others were Dipo Adedoyin (secertary) Boro Oyebola (Treasurer) Juliet Samugana(Chair. Vocational)Edward Fagboun (Chair Club Service) Tomi Oni (Chair International Service ) and Chidozie Ezenwachukwu(Chair. Community Service).


The election which was done under the nose of the DGSR was witnessed by Rotn. Sidik Ibrahim of Rotary club of Falomo amongst others. This development facilitated the compilation of materials to be forwarded to Rotary International for Issuance of charter certificate. It also catalyzed the evolution of a by law for the club.


With increasing commitment and hard work, membership grew as days rolled by while frantic effort was made to ensure that only what is proper and constitutional in Rotary are imbibed by members. By the end of March 2004, all necessary documents and charter fees of twenty-four (24) members were packaged and sent to Rotary International, exceeding the minimum required number by four(4), this was about nine(9) months after the first fellowship was held.


Three months later, precisely the 8th of June 2004, Rotary International President Jonathan Majiyagbe signed the club\'s charter certificate, thus conferring full Rotary Club status on the club. The club has grown from strength to strength.


Necessary club properties and secretariat materials were gradually procured and the Omole-Golden brand began to gain prominence in the comity of clubs in Rotary district 9110. PDG Alaba Akinsete gave the charter certificate to the club on Friday 24th June, 2004.